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My Dreams Are Becoming a Reality!

So over the last few days this writing adventure of mine has taken a new turn. On New Years Eve after a long day of work I sat down with my laptop, still stuck on Chapter 20. My progress had been slow, a few years slow and I was stuck in a rut. While I had very much wanted to get the book complete and published, it had not been advancing how I had hoped. But as 2016 slipped away I told myself I needed to kick into gear. I needed to get things moving again and make my dream a reality. So that night I wrote. I didn't write much, hell I didn't even finish the chapter but I moved myself past the rut that was tying me down and in doing so I freed myself from the shackles that had been holding me back.

Since then my advancements have been beyond what I could have possibly imagined. Yesterday I found myself half way through writing Chapter 31. What is so significant about that is the fact that my first book The Lost King is made up of 32 chapters. All of a sudden what once started as a vague plan that I wasn't sure I would have the staying power to see through, is now only a chapter and a half away from being complete!

Crazy to think that my story is so near to being told, or at least the first instalment of it!

However it doesn't stop there!

Initial contact, albeit indirect, has been made with a publisher. I know now that someone will publish my book and I also know the steps required to make that a reality. It will be an e-book, although a few copies in paperback will also be made. All of a sudden this is becoming very real and it is hard to not be excited. The thought that I could soon officially be able to call myself a published author fills me with a lot of pride and I can't wait for that day to come. The hard work could well pay off and I hope that my book is a success, who doesn't? But while being a successful author has its obvious perks, for me there is more to it.

The Lost King is the first of a trilogy, it is part one of Arundel's story and I want to not only entertain people with that story, but fill them with the desire to read more. I want to touch the imaginations of as many as I can and lead them on Arundel's entire journey. The Lost King won't be for everyone, no book ever is but I can live in the hope that it earns its own following, whether that be one person or thousands.

I guess only time will tell, but it would seem that time is coming very soon!

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