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A bit about me!

So, for a few weeks now my wife has been asking me to write a blog so that she can share it. At the age of 33 I have never written a blog before, so I guess I can say welcome to my first blog! Given that this has all come about due to me looking to make the step into the world of being an author, with my first book The Lost King so nearly finished, I figured I would write about why I have started this journey. When I was a kid I loved to read. I would read all the time, day and night and while I wasn't the fastest reader, I would get through quite a lot of books. Roald Dahl was one of my favorites, as well as Enid Blyton's Famous Five. I would move onto Point Horror, Goosebumps and then Stephen King. I would also enjoy reading books of movies that I had seen to see how they compare. My imagination has always been very active and I could easily paint an image in my head of characters as I read about them. Sadly as I have grown older, there have become so many distractions that reading doesn't always come so easily. But I still enjoy a good book and have read my way through several wrestling autobiographies, a lot of Kathy Reich's Bones, all of the Song of Ice & Fire series that have been released thus far and more recently I have nearly finished the Hunger Games series. There genuinely is nothing like a good book. I am often lured in by a good looking cover(that is for another time) and then if the story grips me, that book becomes a companion until it is finished. I have always found a good book a bit of a double edged sword. When you get into a book, you don't want to put it down and are desperate to finish it, reading whenever you can. But then when you finish it, you are suddenly left with that 'oh, what now' feeling because you no longer have that book to look forward to. So why write myself? Well I have two reasons for that. The first is because my imagination needs an outlet. It has always been so active, it needs a way to be expressed and writing a book is a perfect way to do that. It also puts me in control because I like things to be a certain way and too often TV, Films or books don't quite go how I would have them. Writing my own book means my imagination can be satisfied! The second reason is because I want to be able to give others the joy of reading that I have had for so long. My parents tell me that when I was a kid I had read some books so many times that when it came to story time before bed, I didn't need the book anymore as I could say it off by heart. There have been authors over the years who have touched my heart, brightened my day, made me feel sad and brought my imagination to life. Now I hope that I can have that effect on someone else. Naturally I hope my books will be a success and read by many. But even if I only capture the imagination of one reader, then I will have achieved.

So that was my first blog, I hope you enjoyed it.

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