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Long live Arundel

It's funny, when I first started writing this book several years ago, I did so out of curiosity of if i could. I have always had an active imagination and had been doing other writing work for years, so this was kind of a personal test. Then as it progressed, it became an ambition. The chance to get something published, to have a piece of my work out there, it was an achievement I was excited about, one that I hoped I could accomplish. Then over the last few months my focus became a little sales driven. I have been carrying the hope of this becoming a full time career and so I kept thinking about how I could generate sales. But now that it is out there, now that people have copies and some have started reading it, I have found myself in awe of the one thing that truly matters, the enjoyment it can provide. To hear people say they are hooked on it is just mind blowing. To be told that people have lived out the twists and emotional ups and downs that I created is just breath taking. For my characters to actually find a place in the hearts of the readers, that is simply amazing. I enjoyed telling this story and I am so glad that I am getting to share it. So for all those who enjoy the journey, I would love to continue hearing your thoughts. And for those who haven't experienced it yet, I hope you both partake in and enjoy the journey real soon. Long live Arundel!!

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