The Lost King
Arundel’s past had been lost to him, his early childhood memories gone. His simple village life changed forever, when tragedy struck and set him  on a path of vengeance, that would cause his past to unravel and his future to take a wild and uncertain twist. 

Join Arundel on his journey of love, death, loyalty and betrayal, taking him into the heart of the fight against a tyrannical King. Immerse yourself in Arundel’s story as he discovers his lineage as The Lost King.

The Lost King Forgotten Lands

Arundel had gained a kingdom, but lost a Queen.  His quest to find Thea takes him across the sea, to an unknown land, gripped in its own violent struggles.  Meanwhile, Galbraxia begins to rebuild, amid rumours of a new threat approaching the borders.

Continue Arundel's story, as his search for his love unveils a world of slavery, despair and majik.  Immerse yourself in the journey once more, as The Lost King ventures into the Forgotten Lands.