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So where do I begin?  

Telling the story of a character seems so easy compared to telling the brief story of yourself.  Well if you don't count paper rounds I have worked since I was fifteen years old and have been in full time employment since I was seventeen, straight after I finished A-Levels.  But that is the boring stuff.  I have a beautiful wife and an even more beautiful daughter and they inspire me to pursue this dream in the hope we can share in it together. 


What about the person behind the keyboard?  

Well, I have always been someone who is passionate about things and it has often been said that if I am passionate about something, then I am 100% all in.  My passion for Crystal Palace FC is the biggest example of that, my club is my heart, my blood is red and blue and has been since age six.  My day is influenced by the results and I have a ridiculous list of superstitions that I know are rubbish, but hell I do them anyway because I can't help it!  

I love films, I am a massive geek. If it's Batman, I'm sold.  I don't do plain, everything I have is novelty because I wear my passions on my sleeve as it were.  

I have a memory that forgets when I need to do something like get a card, but I can remember the name of every Marine in Aliens!

I am certainly a strange one, no doubt about it.

I have always had a creative mind, ever since I can remember.  If I am interested in something, there is no limit to my  minds creativity.  My problem is I have never been good at putting that creativity into a practical form, at least not until now.  I hope that my book(s) will finally give my mind its platform to shine and enable me to share with the world a little insight into me.

As a boy I loved to read.  I love to live out every page of a good book and place myself into the heart of the story.  As I have grown and my imagination has grown, I have found I am not always satisfied.  If one of my favourite characters dies, such as Ned Stark, I never really get over it.  Or if I feel characters could have done something differently or something more, I will be left feeling short changed.  Writing my own book enables me to change that.  It enables me to tell a story how I  want it told, but in a way that I feel people will enjoy.  Naturally not everyone will, we are all such different people after all, but hopefully my imagination will capture the eye of others and bring them the joy that so many books over the years have given me.

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