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The Lost King



Arundel’s past had been lost to him, his early childhood memories gone. His simple village life changed forever, when tragedy struck and set him  on a path of vengeance, that would cause his past to unravel and his future to take a wild and uncertain twist. 

Join Arundel on his journey of love, death, loyalty and betrayal, taking him into the heart of the fight against a tyrannical King. Immerse yourself in Arundel’s story as he discovers his lineage as The Lost King.

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The Lost King Forgotten Lands

Arundel had gained a kingdom, but lost a Queen.  His quest to find Thea takes him across the sea, to an unknown land, gripped in its own violent struggles.  Meanwhile, Galbraxia begins to rebuild, amid rumours of a new threat approaching the borders.

Continue Arundel's story, as his search for his love unveils a world of slavery, despair and majik.  Immerse yourself in the journey once more, as The Lost King ventures into the Forgotten Lands.


Cuell handles the genre with a deftness and verve not often seen amongst new writers. His world is plausible and well crafted with a rich backstory. I particularly liked the way in which the system of magic was implemented.
Looking forward to the second volume in this series although I hope it contains a dragon or two as I am rather partial to a flying reptile in my fantasy epics.
Bravo Mr Cuell,bravo!

Great start to what promises to be a fantastic trilogy.

Well written and gripping story line, with an instantly likeable character in Arundel.

I'm very much looking forward to the second in the series to find out where the adventure takes us next. I highly recommend this book, and ask the author to hurry up with the next instalment!

Not usually reading this genre of book, I wondered how much I would enjoy Michael's story.  Right from the opening chapters I was caught up in Arundel's world.  What a fantastic first novel....

I am looking forward to catching up with more twists and turns as book 2 is complete.

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